Misplaced Missive #133 – All The Things You Hate

Villain-ize me with perceived evil deeds,
Stigmatize me with everything I’ll always be.
I’m all black and white, right?
Slight me with the way you wish I was,
Worse than I am,
Simply because it makes things simple.
Mark me with stark opinions,
Not all my own.
Better to leave me alone,
But that idea you reject,
You’re too stubborn to accept,
When views are too misconstrued to be righted.

Am I really so wrong?
That you so strongly,
Push me far away?
Please tell me then,
When did I become reprehensible?
Some incomprehensible, unwanted pest?
Tell me where I failed,
And how I made this mess.
Is this a test? To see if I can best,
My natural reaction and act to your satisfaction?

I can’t be better than I am.
Not yet. This person isn’t set,
But it’s my best bet for right now.
I’m sorry, but that’s how it’s got to be.
So walk away from me if all you can see,
Are the things you hate about me;
And all the things you wish you hated about me.

Jessie Gutierrez

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