Misplaced Missive #147 – Salvation

Salvation in slavery,
Your way to be,
Saved from the
Fires of Hell.

You say I’m going to burn.
When will I learn,
To ignore what you preach?

You’re delusional. Demented.
You believe you’ve been selected,
By ‘God’, to what?
Be more than the drunk fuck,
You’ve always been?
Don’t speak to me of sin,
You abusive asshole.

Salvation in chains.
I’d be forgiven,
If only I’d given,
You the reins.

Let you lead my way?
Are you insane?
You’ve no hero to worship,
No father to follow,
No shepherd to lead.
I’m not naive anymore.
All I want is to be free.

Jessie Gutierrez

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