Misplaced Missive # 150 – Role Playing

You play victim.
And I play villain,
So you can rise to the occassion.
I try too hard to fit squarely
Into the holes you’ve dug.
The role is too snug,
A poor fit for someone
With a disposition like mine,
These positions you’ve defined,
As the way we should interact.

You be the cop.
And I’ll be the robber,
Con artist and thief.
You’ll get no relief,
‘Til I’m found out,
Locked down,
Confined and bound.
Can you justify the crime by the punishment?

How about Cowboys and Indians?
I’ll be the ‘savage’,
Unarmed and helpless;
And you be the Hero:
Perfect and ‘Selfless’.
Somehow, the way this turned out,
Is leaving me restless.
I must confess:
This doesn’t make sense to me.

We fall into:
Patterns – familiar and old
Routines – harmful and easy
Cycles – that go nowhere
Where every time you speak to me,
It could lead to another ‘catastrophe’.
I feel like a casualty,
Of the person you want me to be,
Of the person you need me to be.

Jessie Gutierrez

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