Song Share & Progress Update

Why hello there, lovely reader. Once again, I am reaching out to relay to you my writing, and life, status, paying for this attention with a song you will hopefully adore. If you do, be sure to check out the Hex Cougar remix, too.

Last we spoke, I discussed goodreads reading goals, hunting for the perfect editor and protagonist bios. Needless to type, I have failed at accomplishing quite a few of these. Shall we start with the lackluster and then mosey toward the better news?

I vote ‘yay’ if only to make myself progressively feel better.

  1. Protagonist Bios – I have not touched these yet, which is frankly disappointing. I got caught up in detailing out a more rich timeline for my universe; it suctioned up all the extra time I would have devoted to this.
  2. Goodreads – I’ve completed 11 books this year and am currently reading two: Six Questions of Socrates and An Introduction to Kant. I’ve fallen a bit behind where goodreads estimates I should be, (they say 12 books done),  but I’m not overly concerned. Yet.
  3. Hiring an Editor – I DID THIS. It was super stressful, involved more than my fair share of flailing, and seemed to go on an eternity, BUT I did it. I hired an editor. And so far, so good. I could write an entire post devoted to that process, and maybe I will, but let’s just keep this update properly concise, shall we?

We shall.

As for what I shall next do… well, it seems like setting expectations and goals is a good way to practice dealing with being disappointed in myself, but who cares! I’m going to do it anyway! *flail* Failing with Flailing should be my motto.


  1. Write those pesky bios. Announce name of novel.
  2. Finish Six Questions and Kant.
  3. Revise and Revisit all the edits, Mr. Editor sends my way. I’ve got the first batch now, and boy, do I need to get to work.

These goals might not get done in a timely manner. In a bid at transparency, I am moving again and it’s…. overwhelming. All the packing and the donating and the logistics. I’m stressed and anxious and bleh. But that too shall pass, so in the meantime it doesn’t hurt to have distractions methinks.
Thanks for baring with me on this chaotic journey.

Jessie Gutierrez

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