Misplaced Missive #8 – Either Or

After all you’ve been, and all you’ve done,
How can you take as contemporary gospel,
That you’re God’s chosen one?

Have you repressed our history?
I wish I could.
I’ve tried enough for a lifetime.
If God deems you worthy,
Then that’s a god I can’t abide.

-Maybe it’s all a lie-

Are you faking visions?
A new form of manipulation,
Or are you sincere?
Are you filled with delusions of grandeur,
Or with the spark of divine favor?
Maybe it’s all mental illness.
Does any of the above justify past brutal behavior?
Or are you really beyond reproach,
This world’s last hope and savior?

A recovering Catholic to lead
The Army of Jesus Christ.
Somehow, I don’t believe you can succeed,
As riddled as you are,
With human avarice and greed.

But, hey, maybe that’s the message,
That any, and all, can be redeemed –
With a few words thought to the heavens.

Jessie Gutierrez

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