Misplaced Missive #21 – Promises & Betrayals

I foolishly promised I’d always be there,
To look out for you, to listen, to guide, to advise,
And I’m trying so hard to simply be anywhere,
Struggling to find a way to more than survive.

I found a replacement.
Someone to fulfill an obligation,
I knew I no longer could.
Someone who cares enough to love,
And loves enough to care.
Someone who is aware that they are not the same.
Someone better than me.

But you turned your back on him,
And hid from the truth,
That I could be of no use,
Not while so buried in my own depression.
That rejection,
Of a last ditch effort, of a vulnerable reality…
You deserve to be alone with your desperate wanting,
If all you want is to take from the desperate
Until all they have is sacrificed.
Promises are meant to be broken,
Like the people you’ve left in your wake.

Jessie Gutierrez


PS: I am so freaking excited for the new Halestorm album it is not cool.

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