Misplaced Missive #208 – Volcanoes And Oceans

It’s disruptive; the constant eruptions
Of quaking earth and rising flame.
Shaking me from where I once
Stood my ground,
Destroying all the worthy around.

It burnt all away; nothing remains,
But the worthless remains of
All I had failed to build,
The lingering guilt,
The damning filth.

Maybe only the tallest ocean waves,
Can save what little is left.
Warm as an embrace and cleansing as a baptism –
Can sanctuary be found in their depths?

I tried so hard to ride it out,
The shock waves of shifting plates,
What reason is there to stay?
To play slave and chase the earthquake,
While ignoring its punishing force.

Better to dive deep –
Going under to get over:
To clean the slate.
Salvation in swimming away.
From brown to blue
From bruised to new

Jessie Gutierrez

One thought on “Misplaced Missive #208 – Volcanoes And Oceans

  1. A wonderful articulation of emotions, i really liked the way you expressed such beautiful imagery with every word. Thank you so much for sharing your glorious post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 😊

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