Misplaced Missive #195 – Lost

A wanderer like me can’t show you the path,
I’m happily lost in the trees.
You said you needed the safety of:
The road traveled before, the one that’s well worn.
I’d accepted that you’ll never abandon ‘the plan’ and let me lead,
So now I can’t believe how you’ve gone astray,
Foot prints and foot trails left every which way,
From my place amongst the leaves,
Your precious plan doesn’t seem,
To lead quite so far away from where I’ll be.

You had it all mapped out,
Plotted your course down,
Strategized how to get around,
All the detours and how to ignore,
All the lures of those that would
Force your focus to falter;
Once upon a time, nothing could alter your ‘destiny’.
You never even tried to see:
Sometimes the greatest things in life,
Lie off the accepted path.

There are no guarantees.
So why stick to the road everyone knows?
Why not give into the wind once,
Just once, to see where it blows?
You only go where you’re allowed to go.
Only where you’re expected to grow
Into this pod person they want you to be.
I always thought your route was known,
A cheerful follow-the-numbers,
But lately all you’ve shown,
Is that you are just as lost as me.
That you wish to breach the frame
Of the square life they’ve boxed you in.

I wish this wanderer could make you see,
You don’t have to be,
Only who they want to see,
You be.

Jessie Gutierrez

A/N: many <3s for Billie Eilish

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