Misplaced Missive #155 – Frustration

-I’m frustrated –
How to compensate for the failures of another,
The one you’ve chosen over every other?
How can I make you discover,
That their lack does not reflect back, on you?
How can I soothe your wounds,
When it is not my words you wish for?

I can’t compete; the race is already done.
Victor already won, but I can’t deny,
I desire to be more than one in the crowd,
But it’s not allowed.
I’ve found I’ve hit out of bounds,
Where silence is crucial and any offer
Of kindness is unusual.

I’m frustrated, by all I want to do.
Frustrated by my own arrogance,
In assuming dominance,
And superiority over your victor.
Surely, it’s better to bow out with dignity.
You need to champion your own cause.

How to let go of wanting to do more?
All I want is your happiness, even if,
I’m not its source. Of course, I care,
I could do nothing less; I’m blessed to know you.
But my future is not aligned with your course.
And it’s time for me to accept,
That it is not my right to mend, what is not mine.

Jessie Gutierrez

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