Misplaced Missive #61 – LOVE

You make me feel.
You take everything that could be real
Steal it away
Make it unworthy
You’ve cursed me
and I can’t reverse these
I’m under your sway.
Your spell.

But I can’t expel this swell of fear
Wish you were here to
Spell it out for me
Turn me away
I’m afraid either way
Of anything, everything
You might say

You’re what idealists hope for
This intangible ascension
You have no cure
Deadly, cruel infection

I’m so blinded by desire
To hide the truth
Label me liar
I’ll keep up the front
Steady and stable
As long as I’m able
Believe the fable.

But forget the moral
Only look forward
I’ll stay behind
Out of the light
But know:
In hindsight, you ruined me,


Note: Why is this song so catchy???


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