Misplaced Missive #63 – Childhood

She remembers telling herself:
“You’re too young to have to deal with this”.
He only taught her by the fist,
And she, the other, not her,
Saw nothing amiss.

Robbed of a childhood.
She doesn’t talk about it,
Isn’t understood,
Tries to forget about it.

Years later she’ll wear
This watch on her wrist,
Seconds tick passed,
On a childhood missed.
Where she was never hugged,
Never kissed,
Only reproached,
And dismissed.

And because of him, of this,
She’ll never trust anyone.
My dad was a dick, so what?
She said to me, figuring conversation finished.
Is it that simple?

Robbed of a childhood.
She doesn’t talk about it,
And isn’t understood.
She tries to forget about it
but I can’t.



A/N: Tegan Quin wrote this song for author Augusten Burroughs. His novel ‘Wolf At The Table‘ centered upon his childhood abuse. And, while I honestly didn’t love the novel, this is a pretty legit song.

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