Not today

I’m not writing a real post today. I was honestly on the fence about whether to go through with my regular June Write Day post as recently as 15 minutes before actually writing this sentence.

My brain is frazzled for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the astonishing wave of police brutality on display across the US, from George Floyd’s murder through the protests over the weekend where police departments in numerous cities were actively instigating protesters to violence just so they could whip out the tear gas and batons… and rubber bullets.

Here’s something more positive:

And a quick overview of policing policies that actually decrease police violence:

Stay safe, everyone.

Steve D

One thought on “Not today

  1. We will see our way through… Democracy takes a long time to bring to harvest. It takes nurturing and the battling of pests. There is a reason we are one of the first and have been one of the few countries who thought it worth the effort… its birth and growth and maturity will take horrible, embarrassing, humility-filled moments…This is our time indeed to shape our democracy. We should not shy away from the discussion, the debate, the battle for decency. No birth is unattended by struggle, by screams, and by blood of those we hold precious to us. This is life. This is hope. And we will be here tomorrow to heal the wounds…

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