Free Verse – Diligence – Marcy Erb

Perseverance Game

Are you talking about ripples on the river
or a bolt of lightning felling a tree?

I would were I defining perturbations.

Ah, then you are suggesting we draw animals
in dapper suits or ask for the old man in the moon?

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Vices and Virtues – Inspiration


Since we have switched to virtues for the poetry theme, I thought I would put up a little neon art inspiration. Pretty much every day for six years I walked by Bruce Nauman’s Vices and Virtues public art installation at the University of California, San Diego – in the evening you can see it from miles around in La Jolla and UTC. How it merges the sins and virtues is almost like an ink blot test – when the “Faith” and “Lust” neon would light up together, I would see “Flauta” and it would make me crave Mexican food.



Free Verse – Humility – Marcy Erb

Upon Glimpsing the Allegory of Humility in the Sculpture Gallery

From a distance I label her the personification of humility
Hands wrapped about herself, like the Virgin Mary,
Her bronze shawl draped about her head, neck, breasts
To shield her beauty and keep her modesty, even under glass.

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Free Verse – Sloth – Marcy Erb

Of Vintage Commercials

An increasingly long time ago,
A commercial that ran
On the television of my childhood –
Of food being sloughed off china
Plates into garbage cans –
Warned us that 20 percent of the
World starved while 20 ate like
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