Misplaced Missive #34 – Over You

I need to get over you, I don’t even know how I got here.
Seems impossible to be anywhere elsewhere
‘Cause this impulse is entirely instinctual
Don’t misconstrue my meaning; it’s not merely physical
It’s total.
Everything you are, even the aspects that confuse:
Every opinion, Every action, Every defect,
Everything you are and nothing you are not
You are my paradigm of perfect. Continue reading “Misplaced Missive #34 – Over You”

Misplaced Missive #16 – Abyss

You craft these warped mind games
When you know it’s those games I mind:
I’m not equipped to skip to the right squares
And hop to the beat
That only you can hear.
Every day with you near?
It’s poisonous snakes and
Ladders with rusting rungs.
I can’t keep up with your concept of ‘fun’. Continue reading “Misplaced Missive #16 – Abyss”