With Tyranny on Hand: A Sound of Thunder’s Hope through Metal

While wandering around Baltimore Comic Con last fall, I happened upon a large vendor table playing metal music and loaded with vivid artwork.

There I met guitarist Josh Schwartz from A Sound of Thunder, a metal band based Northern Virginia who had just released an album and accompanying comic book.

Josh is a nice dude, they’re a local band, and they’re clearly into storytelling through their music. So of course I picked up the album. And it’s fantastic.

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Forming Habits and February Goals

Goals are hard, especially when you don’t meet them. Mainly, I fell short of my January writing goal of 20,000 words on “Jaed and Aston”. The bad news is that I only wrote 10,000 words. The good news is that I freaking wrote 10,000 words. Continue reading “Forming Habits and February Goals”