Forming Habits and February Goals

Goals are hard, especially when you don’t meet them. Mainly, I fell short of my January writing goal of 20,000 words on “Jaed and Aston”. The bad news is that I only wrote 10,000 words. The good news is that I freaking wrote 10,000 words.

Forming Writing Habits

I refuse to dwell on coming up short on my goal of writing 20k in January. Want to know why? Because ever since NaNo my expectations for my own work ethic have increased dramatically. Do you know how excited I would have been to write 10,000 words in a single month in, say, June 2015? Ecstatic.

And that’s kind of the point. 10k in one month is not enough for me anymore. By changing the way I think about writing (and pounding out 50k words in 30 days last November) I’ve changed my own sense of what is feasible to accomplish as a writer.

I’ve change my thoughts > my mind > my actions > my habits > my life. And now I’m writing more. I’ll consider that a win.

I also wrote my Kidnap Alice review, as promised, but did not read two books. I didn’t even read one book. I read slowly and it tends to take a back seat to my writing. I also had a lot of freelance projects to work on in January, so no complaints there, but it took away from my leisurely reading time. More on that in a bit.

Onto February!

1. Actually write 25,000 words in February: I’m still sticking to this general guide for completing my first draft by February. Obviously I’m a little behind, but I will try to play catch-up this month. Shorter month, bigger goal.

Goal: Write 25,000 words for “Jaed and Aston” in February, for a total word count of 135,005

2. Book Reviews! As I said earlier, I mainly read for leisure, so it’s rare that I sit down for more than an hour at a time with any one book. That means it takes me a while to finish books. 26 books for the year is probably a lofty goal. I’d honestly be happy with 15, but we’ll see.

I’m currently reading Lionheart by Sharon Kay Penman, and I already have some thoughts floating in my head that I can turn into a book review. Being that I’m trying to become an author/storyteller, I should probably start discussing other people’s stories more often here.

Goal: Finish reading Lionheart by Sharon Kay Penman and publish a book review this month.

3. Update GoodReads. That’s the other thing I neglected to do in January. GoodReads has yet to become part of my normal rotation of website visits when I sit down to work. (You know how it goes: email, WordPress, online banking if necessary, maybe social media, favorite news/media sites, etc.). I’ll update my GoodReads profile tonight with current reading progress, and then again when I actually finish a damn book.

That’s all I’m going to focus on for this month, mainly because I really want to start hitting the novel writing big again. Care to share any of your goals, dear reader?

Steve D

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