Misplaced Missive #188 – Don’t Be Afraid

It’s a new year and we all made it to 2018. Huzzah! Good for us, right? Ha in the spirit of beginnings and positivity, I offer you the following: 

Don’t be afraid.
Not of the dark,
And not of the future.
Don’t be afraid,
Because you are never alone,
And I will always be there. Continue reading “Misplaced Missive #188 – Don’t Be Afraid”

Pervasive Longing: Of Monsters and Men’s First Album, and Long-Overdue Return

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Have you heard the new Of Monsters and Men album? Well… it’s not exactly new. Actually it’s not new at all. My Head is an Animal, their debut album, was released on September 20, 2011. I saw Of Monsters and Men perform live in June of 2013, and they were fantastic. I have been eagerly awaiting news of their second album for nearly two years now, and last week, I finally heard the announcement of their second studio album on the radio: June 9.

Do you know what this means? I began writing this review for kicks last November, and it’s finally relevant! I no longer have to justify reviewing an almost 4-year-old album on the basis of my pining for the sweet melodies of Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir’s voice. Continue reading “Pervasive Longing: Of Monsters and Men’s First Album, and Long-Overdue Return”