Concept Art: Lyrical Content Discontent

I went to a concert with shiny new acquaintances a few weekends ago. To give a little bit of setting, this was my first experience at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado after having moved west recently. The venue is majestic to the point of being almost surreally incomprehensible; the type of place that makes you believe that a stargate must’ve swooshed you off to a far off planet of paradise. Well. At least it made me feel that way. 

Red Rocks

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Concept Art – Ranting and Raving and Donating

Once upon a few weeks ago, my lease expired, as those things have a tendency to do, and I came to the ostensibly obvious conclusion that my possessions needed to be less obnoxiously numerous. Thus like a good little donator I compiled different piles of stuff based on what they were – mainly books and clothes, some furniture and randoms – and figured, hey no problemo, all this ish could go to some local less fortunate stranger. Awesome. Good deed planned, I assumed charitable donations would be accepted at any time that Goodwill was open. Now I fully understand that they have hours of operation; they have to pay their workers, electricity, etc. This makes sense. What did not make sense was that they stop taking donations after five pm when they have employees running the cash register and texting while pretending to fold goofy graphic tees (one of which featured a ninja turtle who was either Michelangelo or Rafael depending on whether his head band was an orangish red or a reddish orange) until 9pm. Continue reading “Concept Art – Ranting and Raving and Donating”

Concept Art – Poorly Educated but Well Read

Subtitled: “too poor to be classically educated and dwelling on it the more that I read”
OR “my education is so porous, I could fill a red well”

Occasionally I like my subtitles better than my title and get sidetracked in interestingly irrelevant ways.

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Concept Art – Captain Hammer Told Me Everyone’s A Hero In Their Own Way


‘In the time of gods and monsters, what is the worth of a man?’ – Joss Whedon

Colored Doodle!
Colored Doodle!

It’s supposed to be so simple. Hero. Someone that saves the day, right? We grow up with these images of chiseled men and women, painted in neon colors, performing impossible tasks of daring and bravery, holding them on high like deities, and with ubiquitous propaganda of soldiers wrapped in the red white and blue, infallible in their willingness to die for their love of country. And so we learn that heroism is all about the big things: Continue reading “Concept Art – Captain Hammer Told Me Everyone’s A Hero In Their Own Way”

Concept Art – What is Love? Baby, Don’t Hurt Me

Cheesy music reference aside, Concept Art is going to be a semi-serious, introspective series. After a truly heartbreaking conversation a lot of times I prefer to dwell on abstractions instead of vivid details and relevant circumstances, so I thought I might as well start out big or go home.

And thus:
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