Misplaced Missive #15 – Expect The Worst; Hope For The Best

Oh wow. Ok, this is a strange one to look back on: this was my first attempt at playing with set structure. Notice the 4 – 6 – 4 – 6 – 4 line count of the stanzas. I think I tried this out a fair bit after this one, too, but it’s weird to be faced with the original. 

One bad decision; One wrong choice
Followed by another and others,
Pointed out by faltering conscience.
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Misplaced Missives 14 & 84, And How They Came To Be

Generally, I’d prefer not to talk about what inspired me to write the missives. Most of them bubbled forth from religious doubt and self hatred and fears of growing up. Some are naturally darker than others… but they are not unique. Not in what they sprung from.

Recently, and not recently, stories have come to light about predators, protected by their power and by their peers, preying upon those who should have been able to trust them. People who failed so spectacularly to be decent human beings that there are no words to describe them.

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