Misplaced Missive #15 – Expect The Worst; Hope For The Best

Oh wow. Ok, this is a strange one to look back on: this was my first attempt at playing with set structure. Notice the 4 – 6 – 4 – 6 – 4 line count of the stanzas. I think I tried this out a fair bit after this one, too, but it’s weird to be faced with the original. 

One bad decision; One wrong choice
Followed by another and others,
Pointed out by faltering conscience.
Will it even bother?

Expect the Worst; Hope for the Best
The following weeks will be a test,
Where strength of mind is forced
To compensate for weakness of body.
Will it consume you? Make you forget the rest
Of all the things you should be focused on?

One bad decision; One bad choice
Followed by another, persuaded by the other,
Pointed out now by an out-of-practice conscience.
Should it even bother?

Expect the Worst; Hope for the Best
The following weeks, filled with unrest
And a steady building anxiety in your chest,
Will crawl by, dragged on broken limbs.
Will it change you? Make you confess
All the things you can’t stop thinking about?

One bad decision; One horrible choice
Followed by more and more
Hit by a sudden attack of conscience
Leaving the memory raw and sore.

Jessie Gutierrez

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