Friday Write-Day: Top 5 Favorite Books!


I was prompted earlier this week to post my top five favorite books of all time by Mr. MLS Weech, a real-live published author and blogger-buddy. So props to you sir, for making me want to write about my favorite books! (His blog is full of insightful pieces on the writing and publishing process – check it out.)

Now then, thinking about my favorite books was surprisingly difficult, because my reading preferences tend to fall into three broad and diverse categories: Continue reading “Friday Write-Day: Top 5 Favorite Books!”

Concept Art – Poorly Educated but Well Read

Subtitled: “too poor to be classically educated and dwelling on it the more that I read”
OR “my education is so porous, I could fill a red well”

Occasionally I like my subtitles better than my title and get sidetracked in interestingly irrelevant ways.

On to the discussion! Continue reading “Concept Art – Poorly Educated but Well Read”