Free Verse – Kindness – JG

The Patron Saint

She sacrificed her pride
At the altar of your assistance.
This assertion met with resistance,
‘Cause you pray away your vices,
Those carefully cloaked as virtues.
What you refuse
To acknowledge is how you use
Other’s trust as donations
To your self-righteous cause. Continue reading “Free Verse – Kindness – JG”

Theme for August 26, 2014: Cruel to be Kind in the Right Measure

“We dig up diamonds by the score; A thousand rubies, sometimes more; But we don’t know what we dig ’em for; We dig dig dig a-dig dig…” Diligence in the digging of dwarfs. I think I saw Snow White for the first time when I was about seven and this catchy song was stuck in my head for days afterward. It took awhile to really appreciate how much work this virtue actually is, be it in the try, try again perseverance it necessitates or in the acceptance of its time consuming nature and perhaps fruitless outcome. But for now, on to the next one: Continue reading “Theme for August 26, 2014: Cruel to be Kind in the Right Measure”