Free Verse – Kindness – SD

My First Ambulance Ride

A crack like thunder rang through my ear
As the world’s palette in front of me was smeared.
Pain ripped through my side like fire,
And my life lost its grip on the tight-rope wire.
My vision spun down as the city throng scattered,
Running from the sight of the ground, red-splattered.
The only thought in my head was “how could they leave!”
Overcome with dejection as I struggled to breathe.
The lights flashed brightly and then I was there
Awake in the back as the sirens blared.
The woman at my side was removing the stud,
Her blue-collared shirt stained dark with blood.
I stared right at her, pleading with her “why?
Why did the masses flee in my plight?”
She said “Not all run to save their own skin.
Some simply don’t know what service means.”
She held my hand tight and had tears in her eyes
And with her love in my heart I could be at peace and…

Steve D

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