Meta-blog + a Note on Using the Interwebs

Every now and then someone I barely know at some party or bar or during a random conversation on the train will ask me that all-important icebreaker: what do you do for a living? My default answer of “I work for a marketing firm” tends to be enough for most, because the more detailed explanation either confuses them or does not interest them in the slightest.

Rarely, however, do I receive the following in almost automatic response: “Oh, so you manipulate people.” Continue reading “Meta-blog + a Note on Using the Interwebs”

Misplaced Missives #115 – Candy Coated Cruelty – JG

All you give me is candy coated;
Wrapped in sweetness and sugar.
I savor the decadent flavor,
Horrible for me and horribly addicting.
Even wise to what it disguises –
I still crave it.
Foolishly, routinely, proudly display
The sugar rush you give me. Continue reading “Misplaced Missives #115 – Candy Coated Cruelty – JG”