Misplaced Missives #115 – Candy Coated Cruelty – JG

All you give me is candy coated;
Wrapped in sweetness and sugar.
I savor the decadent flavor,
Horrible for me and horribly addicting.
Even wise to what it disguises –
I still crave it.
Foolishly, routinely, proudly display
The sugar rush you give me.

The bright beckoning treat that rots away,
Positive reinforcement rewards restraint.
Negative restriction teaches what not to say…
Conditioning me to play the way you see fit.
Delicious diversions to avoid conflict;
But all I’ve learned is
Sometimes bitter is better.

All you give me is candy coated,
A beautifully distracting exterior,
Hiding a hollow interior.
I am not your Pavlov’s dog.
I am not your pet.
Not the one you get
To constantly subject
To unusual methods of behavior control;
Your kindness is cruel
And your candy is killer.

If I need so much work,
So much candy coated controlling,
So much bribery to stand,
So much careful coaxing,
Why not walk away?

Let me find some other sugar fix.
One that isn’t intent on fixing me.

Jessie Gutierrez

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