June’s Theme – From Head Banging To Gentle Swaying – JG

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what inspires me and it seems like the answer is only found in things out of my control: an extreme situation, someone else’s provocation, death, unexpected disaster. Thus, I am now on the lookout, or in this case listen out, for material that moves me, without uprooting my entire emotional wellbeing. Music has been a popular muse for so many writers, why not make her this month’s theme: Continue reading “June’s Theme – From Head Banging To Gentle Swaying – JG”

Quick Rip: An Unidentifiable Muse

Muse fascinates me. They are the most intriguing, most enigmatic band of the 21st century. This band has made their name by playing a style of many names: electronic rock, progressive, fusion-something, glam rock, experimental rock, and my personal favorite… space rock. Continue reading “Quick Rip: An Unidentifiable Muse”

Creativity Sessions: What’s Your Creative Muse?

Last month, I wrote the first of what I intended to be a series of articles on creativity. Continuing on the theme of learning how to channel your creativity, I’d like to explore how one of my biggest creative inspirations – music – affects my work. Continue reading “Creativity Sessions: What’s Your Creative Muse?”