Songs to Keep You Going During Writing Crunch Month

Did I say these were songs to keep you going? Because I meant me. Here’s a rundown of what I’ve been writing/vibing to recently.

I make no promises for the cohesiveness or “mood” of this playlist. Enjoy!

New Amy Lee?! I like that this song clings to the crescendo without ever fully taking it all the way. Sort of a soft crescendo.

I’m all about Walk Off the Earth’s quirky covers and music videos, but this dance number is just powerful. My hope is that even our resident unfan of WotE will appreciate the video, even if she does not like the song.

BAM! Kickin’ it up a notch! Power metal cover of perhaps my all-time favorite video game theme. Now I just want to play my GameCube for 8 hours.

Older song but still awesome. I was whelmed by this album (Drones, 2015) overall, but this song still reverberates in my bones.

I’ve never listened to the original song all the way through, and I will not apologize.

What keeps you going through your writing? Or just through the work day?

Steve D

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