Misplaced Missive #173 – My Heart

I gave you my heart,
Battered and used,
To do with as you choose.

Where it used to reside,
Now lies empty.
Waiting to be ready,
For the next heart to grow.
This was the one thing you taught me;
One thing I did not know:
Nothing stays hollow forever,
And the worst always gets better. Continue reading “Misplaced Missive #173 – My Heart”

Song Share and Intention Update!


I click on pretty much any content that has ‘wolf’ in the title. This time it worked well in my favor.

Right. Soo this is my attempt at a Stevie-like update. Please don’t expect this to become a regular occurrence as it feels awkward as all hell to be jotting life down this way, but here goes:  Continue reading “Song Share and Intention Update!”

Misplaced Missive #44: Lift

So this is totally not what I had scheduled for today, but with all the reflection and sadness of yesterday it felt wrong to post something melancholy and brooding. Thus: this kinda tentatively hopeful poem.

Grasp my hand
And lift me up
To your heavens
So I can be closer
To the closest path
To perfection Continue reading “Misplaced Missive #44: Lift”

Summertime Wishes: June Cat Review

Our music reviews seek to trace the narratives that weave between songs and albums. Check out our Rhythmic Fiction tag for other stories told through music.

Stumbling upon new music is probably the greatest aspect of online accessibility. I stumbled upon Walk Off the Earth (along with a few million other people) when they posted their now-famous cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”. And I stumbled upon Gotye when that song played in a bar in Devon, England, spurring a conversation between myself and a friend over whether the vocalist merely sounded like Sting, or if it was, in fact, Sting.

Anyway, I have once again stumbled upon more promising music, courtesy of June Cat. Continue reading “Summertime Wishes: June Cat Review”