Song Share and Intention Update!


I click on pretty much any content that has ‘wolf’ in the title. This time it worked well in my favor.

Right. Soo this is my attempt at a Stevie-like update. Please don’t expect this to become a regular occurrence as it feels awkward as all hell to be jotting life down this way, but here goes: 


Well, life was all kinds of busy this month with my female best friend’s wedding and VDay shenanigans. So I’ve been an absentee poster, but that’ll change after this weekend when life slows back down.

What’s In Store

  • Reviews Galore. I’ve finished about six books with notes scribbled about the lot of them, so expect Saturdays to be soon filled with quotes and ponderings.
  • Delayed 15 on the 15th. Yes, I know no one really cares where bands started, but it’s a fun little project and I dig it so I’m going to continue on with those guys.
  • Book Title Reveal and other Sneak Peeks. Yeah, Stevie is miles ahead of me in the editing and publishing process, but methinks that suits the trend of my life: always late but rather unapologetic about it. Aren’t the people who are always late considered to be more optimistic?
  • Reading MORE! So I’ve got an entire book shelf of to-be-read books in my room. Since I know not whether I love them, I cannot decide whether to keep or to donate them… which is a problem because I’m trying desperately to cut down on the amount of stuff I own.
  • Black Mirror analysis. This one started as a short essay and grew rapidly out of control. He’s scheduled for a wash and trim, but should be public ready sometime next week. If all goes well, maybe I’ll delve deeper into some of my other favorite scifi shows and geek out in essay form on the monthly.

OK. That’s where I’m at right now. Working my night job to continue writing and reading and editing at my leisure. It’s a good life.

Jessie Gutierrez

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