Friday Write-Day: The Excitement is Real

After a pretty hectic, up-and-down week, today feels pretty good.

I sent out another press release yesterday trying to get more newsletter subscribers, and I’m pleased with the results so far.

This release was to encourage early-bird newsletter subscribers to sign up. I’m still giving away 10 free copies of WoEM  for Kindle for early newsletter followers, but the openings are starting to dwindle.

Subscribe here to claim a spot:

My revision progress suffered a bit: I revised 24,000 words this week, with a big ol’ 11k staring at me wondering where I whittled my time away all week.

Given how busy work has been, I’m okay with this off week. I needed some time to process other things, and I’ve done that. The press release helped me shift back into focus, and I’m looking forward to putting my head down and pushing myself.

I have a mostly open weekend, and I’m going to need it to catch up. With 134,000 words revised so far, I have to churn out 70,000 more in less than two weeks.

Oh, and I’m flying to Cleveland for two nights next week for a work conference, which basically means I’m preoccupied for three straight days. I’ll be meeting a lot of my colleagues (and my boss) in person for the first time, which is exciting and also kind of strange. Such is life in the age of remote work and video conferences, I suppose.

I basically have nine days to revise 70,000 words by February 28. With an average of 7,700 words per day, I have to get ahead of the curve again. This weekend is for grinding and secretly hoping I don’t embarrass myself in front of my colleagues in Cleveland next week.

Goals for 2/23
  1. Revise 30,000 words before Monday
  2. Revise another 20,000 before Friday
  3. Wake up earlier
  4. Don’t embarrass myself in Cleveland

Steve D

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