Deep Meaningful Procrastination!

My YouTube list of delaying productivity.

I wanted to write an action update. But then I fell into a YouTube black hole for all of the hours and decided to type this out instead. Because reasons.


There’s an amazing amount to be learned from hearing both sides of an argument, when both are willing to be open and honest and real. Continue reading “Deep Meaningful Procrastination!”

NaNoWriMo Oh Noooo

With October dwindling down and November rapidly approaching, Stevie has been… subtly… reminding me that National Novel Writing Month is on its way as well. To be frank, last year even though I participated, I definitely didn’t commit. So this year, despite my addiction to procrastination, I am going to do better. Mostly so he stops judging me (gosh).

In this, our nearing time of extreme productivity, I feel it important to remember certain rules bequeathed  to us from on high by the late, great Vonnegut. (Kurt Vonnegut is up in Heaven now).

And thus, our Eight Commandments: Continue reading “NaNoWriMo Oh Noooo”