Deep Meaningful Procrastination!

My YouTube list of delaying productivity.

I wanted to write an action update. But then I fell into a YouTube black hole for all of the hours and decided to type this out instead. Because reasons.


There’s an amazing amount to be learned from hearing both sides of an argument, when both are willing to be open and honest and real.

TEDideas worth spreading. Everyone knows TEDtalks. Want to listen to an author give a moving speech in twenty minutes or less? TED. Want to hear someone’s personal experience that’s beyond your norm? TED. Want to laugh uncontrollably while mourning a lack in our education system? TED does it all.

Big Think – Hurray for more educational content! Think big concepts in small, easily digestible increments.

Shethority – female empowerment from the ladies of the Arrowverse. This channel is all about introspective pieces and community to the end of building up unity, motivation and self-sufficiency.

Word Porn

Beautiful, carefully chosen excerpts to keep you positive and optimistic and determined.

Start The Wave – This is the second time activism is coming from the cast of a TV show. Led by Wynonna Earp star Dominique Provost-Chalkley , this fledging channel is geared toward sustainability so far, discussing fast fashion and its impact on the environment.

Jordan B. Peterson

No list of mine would be complete without Professor Peterson. Even if you don’t agree with him, his explanations, his delicately intricate way of conveyance… he is thought provoking.

CosmicSkeptic – Atheism ahoy. Be prepared for intense dives into subjects like free will and the paradox of prayer.

CrashCourse – Maor Learning. Everything from computers to movies to literature is covered in this John & Hank Green display of brotherly built awesome.


Bonus Round: Deep Feelingful Piano-ization

What I have discovered about myself recently, is that I no longer possess the concentration necessary to write while listening to my standard iTunes music fare. I get distracted by lyrics. Blissfully, this discovery led to two amazing pianists.

Mark Fowler – Now, I’ve shared his cover of ‘To Zanarkand’ with one of my missives, but he has so many great pop culture inspired covers you should check out as well.

Lucas King

Holy Crap. King has these chillingly gorgeous original compositions based on emotions and mental disorders that can sweep you up into them and force you to feel.

Hope this helped you enjoy not getting any work done!

– Jessie Gutierrez

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