Concept Art – Ranting and Raving and Donating

Once upon a few weeks ago, my lease expired, as those things have a tendency to do, and I came to the ostensibly obvious conclusion that my possessions needed to be less obnoxiously numerous. Thus like a good little donator I compiled different piles of stuff based on what they were – mainly books and clothes, some furniture and randoms – and figured, hey no problemo, all this ish could go to some local less fortunate stranger. Awesome. Good deed planned, I assumed charitable donations would be accepted at any time that Goodwill was open. Now I fully understand that they have hours of operation; they have to pay their workers, electricity, etc. This makes sense. What did not make sense was that they stop taking donations after five pm when they have employees running the cash register and texting while pretending to fold goofy graphic tees (one of which featured a ninja turtle who was either Michelangelo or Rafael depending on whether his head band was an orangish red or a reddish orange) until 9pm. Continue reading “Concept Art – Ranting and Raving and Donating”

dreaminsanity: THE MARTIAN, the Oscar’s, and Rational Thought

Image of Mars,
Image of Mars,

I watched The Martian last night for the first time. After reading the book by Andy Weir a couple months ago, I was excited to see what Hollywood would do with such a detail-rich and well-researched story. They glossed over most of the super-scientific information (understandably so) to get to the heart of the human interest story of an astronaut lost on Mars, and the NASA scientists and astronauts trying to bring him home. Continue reading “dreaminsanity: THE MARTIAN, the Oscar’s, and Rational Thought”

Misplaced Missive #82. Rant

Have you ever read a book with such a strange and convoluted theme, that  you carried it around with you long after you physically set it down? A lot of Chuck Palahnuik’s books are like that but in this instance I’m specifically referencing Rant, also the name of the following poem: Continue reading “Misplaced Missive #82. Rant”