Double Acrostic – Baggage/That Which Lingers – JG

We Learn So Little

Incremental mental pressure – inevitable downward spiralS
The highest expectations and the lowest bloW
So it goes, funded by new maybes and old hopE
Sturdy invisible rope, indivisible by decency or trutH
Or overused solutions to this improved dilemmA

Has the habitual, ritual of escapism made us victims of PavloV
Another number in the vast many – another onE
Rounded to the nearest thousand; a statistic listed under wantoN
Disgraceful, distasteful, how wasteful in our human bravadO Continue reading “Double Acrostic – Baggage/That Which Lingers – JG”

September’s Theme – “Round And Round We Spin…


Theme Doodle!
Theme Doodle!

…. with feet of lead and wings of tin” – Kurt Vonnegut

Last month was all about the positivity and idealism of looking to a glorious future, the month before it was all about changing the past, so this month let’s discuss the things that bridge the two! You know, those dastardly clingy remnants of the past that affect and influence the here and now.

Theme – Baggage ORRRRRRRRRR That Which Lingers

Structure – Double Acrostic

C’mon people, be prepared to work those vocabularies and dust off your thesaurus!

– Jessie Gutierrez

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