Double Acrostic – Baggage/That Which Lingers – JG

We Learn So Little

Incremental mental pressure – inevitable downward spiralS
The highest expectations and the lowest bloW
So it goes, funded by new maybes and old hopE
Sturdy invisible rope, indivisible by decency or trutH
Or overused solutions to this improved dilemmA

Has the habitual, ritual of escapism made us victims of PavloV
Another number in the vast many – another onE
Rounded to the nearest thousand; a statistic listed under wantoN
Disgraceful, distasteful, how wasteful in our human bravadO

Tyranny and manipulation with technological schemeS
Overpopulation extremes and overorganization’s epidemiC
Foreboding salvation disguising chaos and egomaniA
Of course, it might be simply too late, game oveR
Replay denied, we tried to no avail: Victims of oversighT
Gods and monsters and men / Heaven and Hell and LimbO
Enter the end, after and before we went, continuouS
Tumbling over and over, always aching for the rematcH

Planetary similarity, we succumb to the gravity of ID and egO
Aggressively pulling us down: the heaviest baggage we choose to knoW
Infinitely to intimately direct us without reprooF
No question; No doubt; All anticipation; All placebO

Built to obey – brainwashed to love the ordeR
Under another’s thumb, squished at whim and wisH
Totalitarian, mindless, marching distopiA
I gave in, you gave in, conditioned from kid to grownuP
Through the easiest path, never realizing it’s a traP
Structured perfectly, factoring in all conceivable variables and stimulI

Ever the mass, never the individual, forever forsakeN
Vicious deceit, subtle defeat, at each new decreE
Ever the crowd, never the pioneer, forever lesS
Not even close to ‘what we might have been’S
How could we not see? How could we possibly alloW
An urge, an instinct, an impulse a rule so completE
Replay denied, we tried to no avail, we wade gently into HelL
Diabolically black or celestially whitE
Eye of the beholder, we bow to promised immediate NirvanA
Required distraction, leave the vital action to those in poweR

Thousands of prior examples to be better, to not give iN
Of Brave New World and 1984 and futureS
Ruled by cruelty and conformity and psuedO
Elation induced by propaganda and chemicaL
Mush onward their way: group think and mob mind our only alibI
Ecstasy at the price of freedom and moral weighT
May the highest of highs be enough to distracT
Boys and girls from becoming men and women who feeL
Even more than what they’re instructed to feel or to carE
Replay denied; did we try? did we fail? where’s your prooF

Suddenly, suddenly, suddenly the future is nearly oveR
Winding roads and passing skies, the past isn’t so long agO
Ever back to the beginning, building momentuM
Escaping the present into the trivial we leaP
Toward authority unspeakable and destiny avoidablE
Nothing safe or chosen or free unless in line with the dogmA
Ever present, omniscient, we prefer to stay catatoniC
Suppressed by burdens and baggage we mostly imaginE.

“It’s so hard to forget pain, but it’s even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace.” – Chuck Palahnuik

Jessie Gutierrez

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