“Servers Are Not Entitled To An Opinion”

…and other phrases that will get you permanently banned from a restaurant.

Disclaimer: This is not my story. This happened to a coworker of mine on shift yesterday. He surely handled it with more poise and grace than I would have.

Follow along with me as I go through the steps to recreate yesterday’s 86ing (banning) of a couple at the white table cloth steakhouse I work at: Continue reading ““Servers Are Not Entitled To An Opinion””

Free Verse – Wrath – JG

Tin Foil Man

Even from afar, across the bar,
I can see the condescension
In your first impression;
In your surface assessment
Of someone in my profession.
I wasn’t aware; Am I supposed to care
What you think?
What I think?
Is that you stink
Of imagined superiority,
Mr. Born of the Majority.
Does a suit make a man?
Can it stand,
Tall and alone,
If you did not call it home? Continue reading “Free Verse – Wrath – JG”