Post That Is Not A Post, But An Excuse


I have not been posting lately. Why? Mostly ’cause I’m trying my damnedest to work a bunch during the service industries’ busiest time of year and finish my nearly complete novel.

I know I almost never post about it, but it’s almost done! Wish me all the lucks and focuses XD and in return maybe I’ll actually write about what it is I’m writing.

Jessie Gutierrez

6 thoughts on “Post That Is Not A Post, But An Excuse

    1. Jessie Gutierrez

      Aww thank you ❤ welp, my wheelhouse is scifi with a dash of religious overtones soooo…. *shrug* I'm way shyer than Stevie is in regards to discussing my book. How does one get over that? xD

      1. It’s sir of like the high dive. You gotta jump. Start with people you trust. The. Branch out. Idyne happy to talk to you about your project be that for encouragement or more. But there’s too much data to show how much more successful authors are who workshop in groups. You have Steve, and I’m sure you have many who want to support you. We’re out here waiting, when you’re ready.

      2. Jessie Gutierrez

        Jump and try not to belly flop XD I think I’m going to take a page out of Stevie’s book, not literally, and send out my first draft to a couple close friends for an initial round of edits. Is that what you did for your first novel? Or did you go to workshops with strangers? o.O

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