How to Defeat the Second-Act Drafting Slog

I’m currently knee-deep in the second-act slog of my first draft of The Warden of Everfeld: Legacy.

The most important characters have been established. A couple of key side-characters and plots have been introduced, or at least teased. I have solid ideas for the ending.

I’m just having trouble getting there. Continue reading “How to Defeat the Second-Act Drafting Slog”

Friday Write-Day: What Comes After the Writing?

Wow, has it already been two weeks? The last two weeks have felt hectic, likely because they sort of were. PW and I have been house-shopping. We thought we had found the one, but our inspector turned up some unforeseen issues, so we’re bringing in more experts to have a look.

As you can imagine, this has occupied my time and mind-space for the last few weeks. But the writing continues, and moves forward! Continue reading “Friday Write-Day: What Comes After the Writing?”

Next Week’s Theme! – May 20

Yesterday we introduced the galumphing theme to our creativity sessions. You will learn rather quickly that we enjoy using galumphing to choose our themes, because it allows us to explore ideas and connections that would otherwise go untouched. Continue reading “Next Week’s Theme! – May 20”

Our Schizophrenic Summers

Yesterday, Jessie and I each posted poems with the same theme and structure under the category “Schizophrenic Summers”. Since I prefer to show rather than tell, I decided to wait until the first poems were up before explaining how they got there. Continue reading “Our Schizophrenic Summers”