Numberbrag: Favorite 2016 Posts by Month

Last week I wrote my year-in-review for 2016’s blog stats. But I also wanted to see how the top posts month to month stacked up, and boy are the results different.

This list is interesting to me less so for the actual numbers and much more so for what it indicates about our website or us as individuals in that period. Each of these posts was published in its month and led all posts for that month in Views.

January: “January’s Theme — New Year, Same Everything Else,” by Jessie G

I sort of forgot that we used to do monthly poetry themes. We also used to do weekly poetry themes, but that was clearly insane. Yes, we retired our regular poetry themes, mostly because of a lack of interest from other writers, but also because what was once fun became burdensome.

We still have an open challenge format, but it has mostly gone unused. Perhaps we’ll change that… Check out our Schizophrenic Summers archives toperuse the wide variety of poetry there.

February: “Concept Art – I Appear Missing and Conveniently Forgot to RSVP to the Search Party,” by Jessie G

This post turned out to be a heavy dose of foreshadowing, since less than two months later, Jessie and I would be road-tripping to Denver in a moving truck to move her entire life out there. She’s coming back soon enough… right?!

March: “Colorado Dreaming,” by Jessie G

Like I said… foreshadowing!

April: “Don’t Call It a Recap: Writer’s Burnout,” by Steve D

Ah, the innocence of just trying to finish the first draft! I believe it was not until July that I actually did send Manuscript: Alpha off to my readers.

May: “May’s Theme – Bullheaded and Two Faced AKA the Stars are Looking Down on Your Personality,” by Jessie G

I think I need to have a talk with Jessie about the length of her titles…

June: “June’s Theme – On Top A Desolate Mountain of Hope,” by Jessie G

Another poetry theme post for the win. This is only the post introducing that month’s theme, mind you. If only our poems could be so popular… 😛

Also, the obvious theme through the first half of the year is that Jessie’s posts won most months… BUT CAN SHE HOLD THE LEAD??

July: “Manuscript: Alpha is a Go… and it has a title!” by Steve D

Aha! My actual manuscript announcement. What a triumphant moment for me… and now I’m rewriting all of it!

August: “Strange Birds + Grandpa vs Prowler + Dead Sara = The Best Rock Show I’ve Ever Seen,” by Steve D

Finally some symmetry! This was #4 (I think) in last week’s rankings of the top 10 posts for the year. Jessie still holds the lead 5-3…

September: “Marketing Your Novel: Where to Begin?” by Steve D

Another top 10 post! I guess my second half of 2016 was much stronger than my first. 5-4 now… I smell and upset.

October: “Short Story – Paralyzed – SD” by Steve D

I sort of forgot that I published this short story, which had been sitting untouched on my flash drive for… eight years? Something like that. I’m glad it made some waves. It also inspired me to start keeping a dream journal… that I have not yet begun. Another goal for 2017 I suppose.

Also, 5-5!

November: “Election Day Revelations,” by Jessie G

I honestly forgot which of us posted this one. Timely for the upcoming inauguration this Friday, but fair warning, these are not happy revelations.

December: “ROGUE ONE Re-Affirms Disney’s Commitment to STAR WARS,” by Steve D

6-6! We have a tie!

Well, that was fun. It seems that our top posts month to month became more diverse as 2016 rolled along. I’m also glad that we had more to offer each month than just poetry themes. Posting on a regular schedule with running series has definitely helped us maintain a more consistent audience as well.

So tell us what you think! Do you have a favorite post from this year?

Steve D

2 thoughts on “Numberbrag: Favorite 2016 Posts by Month

    1. The monthly themes were for poetry submissions, so it was just a fun way to compare different interpretations of the same theme. I don’t think it’s necessary to organize every post 🙂 My Tuesday posts are often random topics I’ve had in draft for some time, but my Friday Write-Day posts are definitely spur of the moment, since it’s just a weekly update on my writing progress. As long as you’ve found some kind of rhythm with your writing, stick with it!

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