Moonlit Musings – Broken

Harsh Reality

You thought things would change
Like the words meant I’d miraculously be better
But passed experience has left me lastingly bitter.

All my love before has been vicious –
Cracked glass and thrown dishes,

Late night star gazing at adhesive visions
Praying for the impossible, drowning in wishes
Of anywhere but here.

I only like you ’cause you make me suffer –
I am broken and don’t want to recover.
Before you, there was only one other,
Willing to destroy and degrade me like this.

So accustomed to the emotional brutality,
The obvious conclusion – the harsh reality –
Is that I only want you
Because you are
The absolute worst thing for me.

I’ll never change, never overcome what’s been done,
Not because of you, or because of 3 little words.
It doesn’t matter what you heard,
Because that night, drunk in the dark,
You missed what they meant.

Jessie Gutierrez

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