Saturday Of Book Reviewing – Green’s Looking For Alaska

I imagine many have read this book before myself. Since it’s so well known, I rather think I’ll ‘review’ it by continuing a trend I started with BJ Novak’s novel: answering John Green’s discussion questions at the end! There are a few, so bear with me folks, along this journey of general thought over specific details.

Some Intentionally Vague and Broad Discussion Questions Continue reading “Saturday Of Book Reviewing – Green’s Looking For Alaska”

Saturday of Book Reviewing – Moore’s Lamb

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See also: Read awhile ago, reviewing now in honor of Jesus’ bday celebration last sunday! Hurray for Christmas.

From the first subtitle alone, I’m sure you can guess this novel will be stored under ‘irreverent comedy’. This guess is correct, but incomplete. Christopher Moore, our author du jour, is fairly well known for his absurdist fiction and Douglas Adamsesque style of writing. He likes recurring jokes, making even his villains fully sympathetic characters, and playing with history, so if you lose track of one liners, prefer your bad guys in black hats with swirly mustaches, and only enjoy historical fact: this is not the book for you. Continue reading “Saturday of Book Reviewing – Moore’s Lamb”

1 to 9: A Numeric Guide To The Directions of Censorship

In this the era of Trumpian fake news and flying accusations of -isms; racism, sexism, conservatism, liberalism, etc ; we have lost more than just respect for each other. We have sacrificed respect for virtue itself in our fight to be right. Right. Not accurate. Not kind. Not humane. Merely right. Continue reading “1 to 9: A Numeric Guide To The Directions of Censorship”

Beautiful Juxtaposition – Avenged Sevenfold’s The Stage Pt. I

Our music reviews seek to trace the narratives that weave between songs and albums. Check out our Rhythmic Fiction tag for other stories told through music.

Forgive me Father for I have sinned. It has been six years since my last start to finish listen to a new Avenged Sevenfold album.

Confession time: I fell off the Avenged Sevenfold love boat years ago. I didn’t buy their last two albums; I bought a couple songs and figured ‘eh, I got the gist of it.’ After the passing of The Rev, well, things weren’t quite the same for a lot of us long-time fans. We were mourning and it’s hard to muster up anticipation in the face of tragedy. I couldn’t manage that same eager energy for them anymore. And yet, I still vividly remembered our early times together like freaking out the first time I saw ‘Unholy Confessions’ on MTV’s Headbangers Ball back in 2004. I was in high school. Continue reading “Beautiful Juxtaposition – Avenged Sevenfold’s The Stage Pt. I”

Concept Art: Lyrical Content Discontent

I went to a concert with shiny new acquaintances a few weekends ago. To give a little bit of setting, this was my first experience at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado after having moved west recently. The venue is majestic to the point of being almost surreally incomprehensible; the type of place that makes you believe that a stargate must’ve swooshed you off to a far off planet of paradise. Well. At least it made me feel that way. 

Red Rocks

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