Loop Poetry – Rock, Paper, Scissors

So I submitted this poem at Poet’s Corner. =) feel free to check it out in it’s entirety at the link below:

There’s somethin’ comfortin’ about being face down on the ground, Ground down by life’s natural violence, Violence treated as commonplace; a happenstance of race. Race you to the bottom – complacent in compliance….

Jessie Gutierrez

via Rock, Paper, Scissors — Poet’s Corner

Quick Rip: THE REVENANT and Leo’s Oscar Hopes

I saw The Revenant over the weekend with a friend. He had already seen it, and he raved about it on our way to the theater. I generally become more critical of films when I hear a lot of hype leading up to me seeing them. The stakes for The Revenant were already high. Continue reading “Quick Rip: THE REVENANT and Leo’s Oscar Hopes”

Baltimore Prose – Temple, Bottle, Athlete – SD

“This City is Our Temple”

Ramps and bridges vault overhead between soaring plate-glass buildings, mirroring the heavens, reflections of our own sense of wonder. Their steel bones and cement feet shield us from the wild night, when the demons come calling; nightmarish designs of flesh or mere shadows. Continue reading “Baltimore Prose – Temple, Bottle, Athlete – SD”

Color Schemes – Baltimore

Confusion in the face of Tragedy

So I get that this isn’t my normal modus operandi, but what the hell is going on? And I mean Hell: riots, violence, looting, and brick throwing. I live in the county not the city, but what the Hell, Baltimore? That’s not well written, but seriously: Since when does tearing a place down change anything for the better? Continue reading “Color Schemes – Baltimore”