Color Schemes – Baltimore

Confusion in the face of Tragedy

So I get that this isn’t my normal modus operandi, but what the hell is going on? And I mean Hell: riots, violence, looting, and brick throwing. I live in the county not the city, but what the Hell, Baltimore? That’s not well written, but seriously: Since when does tearing a place down change anything for the better?

Confined to a curfew like children…
Outsiders, the last resort, just the sort to
Guard our nation, from our nation.
On each station – either admonition
Disguising support,
Or rapport hiding disdain.
It’s faint, but stark – Media has made it an art
To play both sides.

The orange and black took flight
as Gray faded to black;
The night turned to orange
as the city burns.

Injustice. Intolerance. Ignorance.
The constant hindrance
To what we should be.
United. Enlightened. Strong.
We have never quite reached
Where we always belonged.
A place where we all belong.
A place where we all get along.

A life lost too young,
Honored by blood,
Spilt by ill will and noble intentions.
An eye for an eye…
No one is colorblind.
Inside the red, white, and blue
The blue are now threatened
because of the color they bear…
No one will be spared.
Will we ever see passed the surface?

Ok. I think that’s all I’ve got. I wrote this on my back steps… where I can hear the sirens but not see the flames.

Jessie Gutierrez

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