Misplaced Missive #203 – All The Colors That You Shine

Set in between my black heart and your white lies,
Grey eyed wisdom is overshadowed by extremes,
But I need: Some guidance, some advice,
‘Cause I do not know what is right.
I turn away and you tell me to stay,
I stay put and hate myself for being weak,
I don’t know where to find the answers I seek. Continue reading “Misplaced Missive #203 – All The Colors That You Shine”

Color Schemes – Where Are We Now?


 Make America great again.
Reverse and rewind, turn back time,
To once upon a rose colored nostalgia.

Make America – regress –
Take us back too many steps,
Led by manipulated conviction, fearful of complex fact,
No deep thoughts; all kneejerk act. Continue reading “Color Schemes – Where Are We Now?”

Color Schemes – What You Wanted

This is what you wanted,
So why are you always
Downing the liquid fire?
Browning out the times
Meant to be in full color.
Sacrificing the next day’s health
To the whims of the night before.
If you’re so happy
Why get so drunk?
Needing depressants to suppress
….what? Continue reading “Color Schemes – What You Wanted”