Color Schemes – Where Are We Now?


 Make America great again.
Reverse and rewind, turn back time,
To once upon a rose colored nostalgia.

Make America – regress –
Take us back too many steps,
Led by manipulated conviction, fearful of complex fact,
No deep thoughts; all kneejerk act.

Burn away all we’ve learnt –
This isn’t the first occasion
War’s been waged on the wrong words,
On foreign ideas, on the majority’s ‘different’.

Where are we now?
Lost in flames
Lost in flames
Where are we now?
‘Til nothing remains,
We’re so afraid.
Our humanity is fading.

Our nation doesn’t have nine lives –
It’s been forsaken by the nine Muses
For all our artistically rendered abuses;
We’re running out of second chances.

If only we’d give more than a cursory glance
To all the lessons history has left us –
Both written and in the ground,
Before all we know now is once more ash.

We’re wrecking everything – just like the past.
The place of the cure of the soul?
It’s not the home of our flourishing fears,
The years are the only thing that have changed.

Make America hate again.
Openly – proud of our ignorance,
Setting fire to our innocence,
And all we should know better.

Make America great again.
Pretend that that backwards march,
Can lead to anything besides blood red.


Jessie Gutierrez

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