Welles and the “Silky” Sounds of Early 90s Grunge

You may remember me writing a few weeks ago about Dead Sara’s new EPTemporary Things Taking Up Space, and about how Jessie and I went to see them in DC last month.

Well, we also saw another band that night, upon whom I am very happy I stumbled.

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Misplaced Missive #29: Memories

Thinking back to days that have passed,
I wish I could remember:

The mornings that seemed to last forever
The afternoons when anything was possible
And the nights with more star than dark

The scent of the breeze
The shade from palm trees
The warm ocean waves

Doing as we pleased

The people I met
The way time was spent
The feel of the wind, the sun, the sea

I wish to rewind, relive it one more time.
But will going back shatter the memory?

I wish they could last an eternity,
But they continue to escape me,
Fading away as I grow older,
Turning swiftly into a hint of a story
With details forgotten and faces blurry.

Jessie Gutierrez

Color Schemes – Where Are We Now?


 Make America great again.
Reverse and rewind, turn back time,
To once upon a rose colored nostalgia.

Make America – regress –
Take us back too many steps,
Led by manipulated conviction, fearful of complex fact,
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Quick Rip: THE REVENANT and Leo’s Oscar Hopes

I saw The Revenant over the weekend with a friend. He had already seen it, and he raved about it on our way to the theater. I generally become more critical of films when I hear a lot of hype leading up to me seeing them. The stakes for The Revenant were already high. Continue reading “Quick Rip: THE REVENANT and Leo’s Oscar Hopes”

Pervasive Longing: Of Monsters and Men’s First Album, and Long-Overdue Return

Our music reviews seek to trace the narratives that weave between songs and albums. Check out our Rhythmic Fiction tag for other stories told through music.

Have you heard the new Of Monsters and Men album? Well… it’s not exactly new. Actually it’s not new at all. My Head is an Animal, their debut album, was released on September 20, 2011. I saw Of Monsters and Men perform live in June of 2013, and they were fantastic. I have been eagerly awaiting news of their second album for nearly two years now, and last week, I finally heard the announcement of their second studio album on the radio: June 9.

Do you know what this means? I began writing this review for kicks last November, and it’s finally relevant! I no longer have to justify reviewing an almost 4-year-old album on the basis of my pining for the sweet melodies of Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir’s voice. Continue reading “Pervasive Longing: Of Monsters and Men’s First Album, and Long-Overdue Return”