Color Schemes – What You Wanted

This is what you wanted,
So why are you always
Downing the liquid fire?
Browning out the times
Meant to be in full color.
Sacrificing the next day’s health
To the whims of the night before.
If you’re so happy
Why get so drunk?
Needing depressants to suppress
All that joy and fulfillment
You swear is inside?

I suspect you lie.
Since you try so hard to
Drink the bar desert dry.

This is what you wanted;
What you wished for and
Worked toward.
So why, why, why
Wash your mind away
With artificial mirth and false satisfaction –
Your sober actions show the worth
You really give all you say you want.

All you want but less than you deserve.
You settled.
And you know it.
So knock back one more
In silent salute to new routines
And abandoning old dreams.
Your life will be exactly like you said you wanted;
Excelling at mediocrity.
Because you were too afraid.

Once more, let’s hear the refrain:
‘This is what you wanted’

My last words to you:
You could’ve been great.
A name in lights, not defined
By goals you now label pipe dreams.
You settled for safe and normal
And now that’s all you’ll ever be.

Jessie Gutierrez

PS: Poem and song are by no means a perfect match, but honestly, I never miss an opportunity to enjoy Atmosphere =D so please join me.

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