Misplaced Missive #200 – Liquid Temptation

Liquid Temptation
Seen through the mirror
Disgust becomes clearer,
I only needed to see her
It humbles me to find,
The attraction of the vice,
Was purely in my mind.
A device I deployed,
Wholly to avoid,
The eating void
Of all that I lack.
The impact of seeing you
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Re: Sobriety Is An Island (But Not the Fun Tropical Kind)

Yesterday, I read Trace-Blogs’ personal experience post about drinking and the social ramifications of her giving up alcohol. I felt an insuppressible urge to ramble immediately after, so I recommend reading her post first, because this is what I came up with in direct response: Continue reading “Re: Sobriety Is An Island (But Not the Fun Tropical Kind)”

Color Schemes – What You Wanted

This is what you wanted,
So why are you always
Downing the liquid fire?
Browning out the times
Meant to be in full color.
Sacrificing the next day’s health
To the whims of the night before.
If you’re so happy
Why get so drunk?
Needing depressants to suppress
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Prose – Athlete, Temple, Bottle – JG

He started off early; nursed at the bottle soon after leaving his mother’s breast. It was his daily routine, his beverage of choice with every meal, (especially when that meal was sorrow), and the significant other in his longest relationship to date. He knew booze better than his own parents – Daddy left for work and never returned, and Mommy burned herself out and away, soul and body, trying to provide for him, her little son. Her shining sun, the only man she’d ever trust again and the only one who counts. She never counted all the glasses, all the cans, all the caps, all the bottles. Continue reading “Prose – Athlete, Temple, Bottle – JG”