Moonlit Musing – Alcohol Cures

Emergency Whiskey

It’s a bit of a wait and see,
A watch and be,
One grain of struggling sand,
In a stranded hourglass.

Often, I get stuck in transition,
Trapped in falling position,
Without will enough to rise
Or to continue the descent.
So I resort to the outside
Sympathies, remedies, therapies
To crawl.
A craving from inside
To fall.
Unable to muster a resistance,
I turn to the easy way down.

It’s hidden under my spare tire,
So that merely popping the trunk
Won’t reveal its location.
It’s my reliable salvation,
From all kinds of intensities.
A propensity to drink away the heavy;
Lighten the mood with a little liquid lift,
Let others sift through motivations,
A few sips from honey colored love,
And my concerns drift away on temporary vacation.

It’s a bit of a wait and see,
A watch and be,
Be sober or be better,
With a little hidden help,
I drive around with…
I call it my emergency whiskey,
‘Cause it’s always there
When I’m in need,
In my downward slide.

Jessie Gutierrez

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