Color Schemes – All My Words Are Lost At Sea


I know what you’re thinking:
That I’m hiding,
In these dusty old books of mine.
Don’t you know you’re always on my mind?
I’m in here trying to find,
The right words to recite to you.

We don’t speak the same language,
But I’m striving to make real, one wish –
To convey to you how out of all the fish
Swimming serenely in the ocean endless,
You’re the one that caught me. And my
Greatest Intentions

Your presence brings me peace,
And the pull I feel toward you
Is like the sea to the moon.
Soon, I’ll discover between these book covers,
The means to eloquently reveal how I feel.

‘Cause these pages with all their poetry,
Fail to describe the depth of your being.
I’m lost in your tide, drawn out to the blue,
And all I want is for you,
To know there is nowhere I would rather be.

Jessie Gutierrez

I scheduled this a bit in advance in anticipation of being utterly made useless by transcendent joy: Stevie got married yesterday!!!! =D

3 thoughts on “Color Schemes – All My Words Are Lost At Sea

    1. Note, I understand Steve got married, but I just saw the post and wanted to offer my joy for him. Probably should have just given him a shout out. Just tend to get excited about things like that.

      1. Jessie Gutierrez

        Haha I totally get that! I’ll be sure to pass on extra well wishes to him asap. =D The wedding was amazing and perfect ❤ While he's still celebrating, I shall thank you in his stead, thus: Thaaaaank you

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